Speak the Dream'sfirstDream Tour to New York City/Washington, D.C. was successfully launched in June 2011. The Dream Tour was planned and facilitated for 7 nights and 8 days. This incredible journey was created for the express purpose of exposure for every mentee to experience traveling,  a different culture or way of living and the opportunity to see places that had only been seen or heard of on television, in a book, on the radio or in the classroom.

The goal ofThe Dream Tour is for youth to experience what is possible and, therefore, become increasingly motivated, consider or confirm possibilities for themselves that had never been considered before.

We visited colleges, universities, landmarks, and even dressed up, dined at an upscale restaurant in the Theatre District  and afterwards attended the Broadway play, Billy Elliot. We also traveled to Washington, D.C., returned to NYC and eventually returned to Southern California feeling excited and hopeful.  Below is the list ofThe Dream Toursites we visit.

The Dream Tour

NYC/Washington, D.C.

Columbia University

New York University

The JuilliardSchool

Fashion Institute of Technology

The New School of Jazz & Contemporary Music

Ground Zero

The Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island

Times Square

Central Park




George Washington University

Georgetown University

Howard University

Breakfast with Senator Diane Feinstein

The White House

Ben's Chili Bowl

The Dream Tour


In response to this incredible life changing journey, here is what our mentees had to say:

"No words can describe about the way I'm feeling. I'm so grateful. It made me realize that there's more to life out there. I've been tied down to thinking that I won't have as great opportunities since I'm a foster child."

"Honestly, it was like once-in-a-lifetime.....I'm glad to say that I traveled to Washington, D.C."

"The first thing I want to say is: Thank you. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to experience this Dream Tour, it was absolutely amazing.....it also made me realize that my dreams and future matters the most and anything can happen if I put my heart into it.  The world is pretty big....but dreams can be even bigger."